EGBKA in the Community

EGBKA aims to promote and increase the local community’s understanding of honey bees and beekeeping within our environment. Some of the ways we do this are by:

  • Running demonstrations and talks at local shows and clubs to teach both beekeeping and what the community can do to help;
  • Providing education and support to people who might be interested in bees but do not have the time or space to keep bees themselves.

We are always interested in ideas as to how we can help our local community so get in touch if you have any suggestions or you think we could help. >Alternatively, there may be ways in which our local community can help EGBKA (all ideas welcome):

  • Do you have spare land or garden space you would be content for a local beekeeper to keep bees on?
  • Could you provide any materials, skills or services that would aid the development of our local association apiary?
  • Do you or anyone you know have any beekeeping equipment they no longer use that could be put back into use?
  • Could your retail outlet sell our association honey?
  • Do you have a commercial size kitchen you wouldn’t mind us using when extracting and bottling association honey?

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A card from Class 1S (subsequently re-named honeybee class) of Blackwell School East Grinstead thanking EGBKA for the loan of some beekeeping educational resources to help the children understand the role and importance of honeybees:

&                            Blackwell School card                 BW2b